Moisture Control for the Drying of Whole Grains

Grain drying is one of the most difficult processes to control. Not only can there be large variations in the moisture content of the product going into the dryer, but changes in the outside conditions can also dramatically change the drying rate. Multiple factors like wind direction and speed, humidity, temperature, and time of day can all have their individual impacts, thus potentially making any control decisions quite complex.

The DM510 is our signature product for the grain industry and was developed specifically to deal with the control challenges presented by outside drying. The DM510 uses two in-line moisture sensors to check the moisture (6 times per second) going into and coming out of the process and feeds this information to the DM510 control panel. The control panel uses this information to track the grain through the dryer and adjust the dryer discharge rate to try to dry as much product as close to target as possible.

The bottom line result for the operator is less over drying (shrinkage), reduced energy consumption, improved throughput, and peace of mind knowing that even in the busiest part of the drying season the drying process is being carefully watched over. The DM510 can be configured for up to 8 products including corn, wheat, soybeans and canola.

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