Custom Development of a Quenching Control System for Coffee Beans

Retrofitting Moisture Control

Dryer Master moisture measurement and control technologies have multiple applications in the food industry, where tight control of moisture levels can have a direct impact on the quality of the product. We custom engineered this DM2000 system to automate and improve a coffee bean quenching process, helping the customer maintain consistent quality in their end product.

During the roasting process, free moisture in coffee beans evaporates while their internal moisture heats and expands, causing them to crack open and develop their flavor. Once the proper light, medium, or dark roast has been achieved a quenching process is triggered to maintain the desired coffee flavor by preventing the beans from heating any further.

To automate the process, our engineering team supplied food-grade stainless steel moisture sensors with an accuracy rating of 0.2% over a 2%-12% range, and networked them into a PLC-based control system. They also engineered a spray system to deliver the precise amount of water to evaporate off the beans and cool them to the desired temperature. The entire automation system was implemented in accordance with all plant-specific electrical and safety requirements.

The ability to precisely measure and control moisture gave this coffee processor the ability to achieve consistent results and to realize their quality objectives.

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