Moisture Monitoring for Ethanol Facilities

Retrofitting Moisture Control

By the time a corn kernel reaches an Ethanol Facility it is possible that it has already passed by a Dryer Master real time moisture sensor at least once, given how extensively Dryer Master moisture sensors are used in corn drying operations in the Mid-West.

The same valuable technology that allows grain dryer operators to measure and monitor product moisture in real time is also available to Ethanol Facilities to use at multiple locations in their facilities, whether on corn at the start of the process or on DDGS at the end.

In a recent case, Dryer Master provided an initial GM2 moisture monitoring test system to an Ethanol Facility. They were interested in measuring, in real time, the moisture of corn entering their hammer mills. They were so impressed with the ability to continuously monitor the moisture entering the process, at a very reasonable cost, that they subsequently added several additional units.

The real time moisture readings provided the facility with expanded process monitoring capabilities and more consistent milling results. They commented that the moisture sensors, with their accuracy and range offered an extremely compelling price performance proposition. The fact that they are made from durable stainless steel and are low maintenance was an additional bonus.

The moisture sensors can be purchased as part of a GM2 moisture monitoring system complete with a display station, or separately for connection to a PLC based plant wide monitoring and control system.

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