Custom Development of a Drying Solution for a Large Pet Food Manufacturer

Retrofitting Moisture Control

Highly configurable and extremely flexible, Dryer Master's in-line moisture monitoring and control systems can be engineered to control the drying process for multiple product portfolios. This unique capability enables our clients to achieve rapid changeovers and continuous duty use of their processing equipment.

We were approached by a client in the pet food industry to engineer a moisture control system for a large conveyor pet food dryer. The client manufactured in excess of 400 unique products, and required an integrated approach that would easily accommodate a range of variables. Our engineers designed and delivered a system that incorporated food grade stainless steel moisture sensors, accurate to within 0.2% over a range of 6%-12%, as well as an Allen Bradley PLC-based control system.

The ability to provide precise control over dryer temperatures and speeds to achieve the correct moisture levels for a diverse range of products enabled this customer to realize production gains and improvements in overall yield. Optimizing the drying temperatures also led to a reduction in energy consumption, enabling them to decrease operating expenses with a direct benefit to their bottom line

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