Soymeal Moisture Measurement and Monitoring

Retrofitting Moisture Control

Soybean processing plants run year round and usually process a far larger volume of product than would a standard grain drying facility, which may only dry grain for a few weeks a year. As a result, on a cost per volume processed basis, there are locations in the processing plant where moisture measurement and monitoring can be added as a very cost effective option.

Dryer Master's stainless steel food grade moisture sensors are built tough and are designed to be able to be integrated into the production process either at the end of the DTDC (in a solvent extraction process) or in the cooling process (in a press process). The sensors can be installed and connected into a plant wide automation system, or alternatively connected to a dedicated Dryer Master supplied display panel.

The moisture sensors provide real-time moisture information to the operators giving them a more accurate and timely view of the process and allowing them to identify any issues that may arise more quickly. Once installed the sensors can also significantly reduce the time and effort needed to take manual samples, thereby freeing up valuable operator resources.

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