Moisture Control for the Drying of Corn in Harsh Conditions

Retrofitting Moisture Control

At the northern and southern extremes of the corn belt there are areas where harvest and drying conditions can be quite different from those in the heart of the corn belt. There are even some parts of the world where harvested corn may not be dried until well into the winter, by which time outside temperatures may have plunged well below the freezing mark.

A prospective client approached us looking for a drying control system that could withstand the rigors of the depths of winter. In their location corn was not removed from the cob until after the kernels had frozen. This meant that the control system itself (including the moisture sensors) had to be able to operate at temperatures as low as -20C, and still be able to control the drying of the frozen corn kernels being removed from storage.

Dryer Master engineered and delivered a modified DM510 controller that passed the client's tests with flying colors. This has since led to more than 100 of the systems being installed in newly constructed grain elevators.

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