Moisture Measurement and Monitoring at a Distillery

Retrofitting Moisture Control

At Dryer Master we often encounter process operations where the process itself does not present major moisture control issues. However, in many of these situations the production facilities still find that they can achieve substantial benefits from adding real-time moisture measurement and monitoring to their process information system.

Dryer Master's cost effective stainless steel moisture sensors can be installed at one or more points in the process. They can then send the real time moisture information either linked to a plant PLC, or to an independent Dryer Master display unit.

In a recent case, Dryer Master worked with a distiller that dried spent grain in a rotary dryer down to a 12% level for use as feed. The client saw that by adding an in-line moisture sensor to the process they were able to conveniently and continuously monitor the outlet moisture from the dryer in real time. They also discovered that this enabled them to significantly reduce the amount of manual sampling that was required, thereby freeing up valuable operator resources.

If you are interested in seeing whether a Dryer Master moisture monitoring solution could be a cost effective addition to your operation, we would be happy to go over the options with you.

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