Engineering and Supply of an Embedded DM510 Based Control System for a Grain Dryer Manufacturer.

Retrofitting Moisture Control

In the grain industry the typical Dryer Master installation includes 2 in-line moisture sensors and a separate control panel to interface with the grain dryer motor speed control. Recently a major dryer manufacturer approached us with the concept of adding Dryer Master control to their dryers as an integrated option/feature, so that all dryer operation, including moisture control, could take place from one dryer control panel.

Dryer Master engineers worked with the client to supply a modified version of the DM510. The result was a compact DM510e module that could be included within the dryer panel and that allowed the operator to operate the dryer and access full Dryer Master functionality, all from one user interface.

To date feedback has been extremely positive from both end users and from the dryer manufacturer who has benefited by being able to include Dryer Master's proven control technology as a selling feature on their dryers, at a very reasonable price point.

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