The Dryer Master GM2/M2: Moisture Monitoring

G2 Operator Panel

The Grain Moisture Monitor (GM2) is specifically designed for the real-time in-line moisture monitoring of whole grains. Its close relative the Moisture Monitor (M2) is identical with the exception that it is designed to be configured for products other than grains.

The Components

The system includes a Dryer Master stainless steel fin type moisture sensor, a high performance ¼ DIN Micro PLC (available either pre-mounted in a Nema4 enclosure, or un-mounted for user configured installation), and an optional calibration button. The panel displays and stores moisture information and is used to enter calibrations. An optional printer is available to provide a printed record and/or data can also be stored to a MicroSD card with the data storage option.

How it works

Product moisture is measured by the Dryer Master moisture sensor, which is easy to calibrate against a bench top manual tester, and then displayed on GM2/M2 panel.

Outputs are provided for activating a remote alarm or triggering a process event such as a shutdown or product diversion when off spec product is detected. Additional signal outputs for transmitting the moisture and product temperature to other automation equipment are also available.

The Results

The system can provide printed records of operation as well as store data to a removable memory module for retrieval to a computer. It can also be connected to a plant wide automation system.

Both of these models are extremely cost effective ways of adding real-time moisture monitoring to a process, including the handling of multiple products.

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