The Dryer Master DM Mobile - Demo

DM Mobile delivers a new level of connectivity and flexibility to your grain drying. Now, from wherever you have web access, you can view and even make changes to your grain drying. Simply use the browser on your smart phone, tablet or PC to login to your DM510 and see live current information, warnings alarms, and historical information. You can even make changes to moisture and rate set points.

Try the Demo!

Username "demo"
Password "demo".

The demo system is running a simulated 3,000 bushel tower dryer with a motor speed control range (rate) of 15 to 95. It behaves similarly to how a real dryer would behave, so if you make a setpoint change it will take time before you see the impact of the change - just like on a real dryer.

Watch the video on the right for an overview of the functionality of DM Mobile

The Dryer Master DM510 computerized grain drying control system already helps you take the guesswork out of drying grain, and now with DM Mobile we are adding another layer of peace of mind to your drying season.

To find out more about the Dryer Master DM510 and how you can upgrade your new or existing grain dryer please continue to the main DM510 product information page.

† - requires connection to a web enabled router