Real-Time Moisture Measurement

Retrofitting Moisture Control

Real time, continuous moisture information is invaluable to the process operator, especially in comparison to operating with only periodic manual samples.

Dryer Master provides this in-line and real-time moisture information using Fin and Fin-in-Cell moisture sensors that measure the moisture of the product as it passes by the sensor. These sensors are capacitance based devices that respond to the total bulk moisture within the product and use temperature stabilized electronics and product temperature compensation to give you the best available in-line readings.

Constructed of stainless steel, the sensors are food grade and flexible enough to meet your most demanding applications with explosion proof and intrinsically safe models also available. In addition to the whole grains industry (corn, wheat, rice, soybeans etc.) the sensors can be used in industries as diverse as RTE cereals, pet food, coffee, instant rice, detergents, dried cheese, cellulose acetate, corn-based products, soy meal, distillate by-products, and protein meals.

The sensors are available as part of a Dryer Master monitoring or control solution or for OEM applications if you feel that you want to develop your own PLC based control application and are in need of a robust and reliable moisture sensor.

Additional services:

Dryer Master can also provide test and documentation for the moisture content of various food and non-food items. We operate an in-house lab that performs initial moisture measurement tests and can verify the results of other moisture measurement tests.

Our full service lab is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery including precision scales and an air oven for drying out materials. We can achieve measurements to .000X with our precision scale equipment. We possess extensive experience in moisture content testing, and have developed our own quality assurance program that we follow to ensure exact measurements.

A full report is provided that includes our findings, spreadsheets, and recommendations. We test all materials, not just the items noted above.

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